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Maharishi Orchards is an initiative of the Maharishi Group for promoting Organic Farming. The orchard is located in the natural lush sylvan mountains of Yamunotri, Uttarakhand at an altitude of 6500 feet. Another farm is located at Delhi - Jaipur Highway in Behror district of Rajasthan. Both these are certified organic farms regularly inspected by the well known Swiss certification agency, IMO, since 2005 - certified organic farms

The major produce of the orchard is fine quality apples. Other smaller produce are plum, apricots and walnuts. Along with these a number of vegetables are also produced seasonally, like potato, tomato, brinjal, capsicum etc.
The farm at Rajasthan is producing various kinds of medicinal herbs and a number of vegetables. It is also supplemented with a small distillation unit for distilling essential oils from herbs.

The quality of the produce is maintained by using organic fertilizers only such as organic manure, vermicompost, compost etc. Neem cakes are also added to the soil to prevent the growth of pests. Other permitted microbiological and pheromone controls are used as and when required.

The apples are handpicked, sorted and carefully packaged at the farm itself. They are free from any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical colorant or polishes.
Apple Orchards at Uttarakhand
Vegetales growing at Organically certified farms in Behror
Organic farms at Delhi - Jaipur Highway